TAURA is an innovative application which allows you to make international calls, at local market rates to any non-data capable phone or data capable phone. In order for you to be able to make the calls you either purchase an airtime voucher at an agent near your area or on PayPal via the app. Furthermore, one has to ensure that they have a working internet connection on their device.

Can you kindly provide us with the name of the agent you purchased the voucher from, the location you purchased the voucher from, the voucher code or the numbers on the voucher as well as the serial number.

if you would like to purchase a voucher, you can contact our agents who sell our vouchers. Alternatively, you can make a purchase via PayPal which requires a minimum purchase of $ 5.Kindly inform us of your area so that we can notify you of an agent that’s near you.

Voice call facilitated on the Taura app is 12 cents a minute.

kindly send a screenshot of the message you are getting when failing to register. Please also ensure that your phone is connected to the internet as well and you can also uninstall the application and reinstall it and lastly check your phone storage space.

Thank you for expressing interest in joining Taura as an agent.

Find below our requirements:

1.Completed agent registration form.

2.A copy of your I.D/passport.

3.Minimum airtime purchase of R500.

please complete the form and send it back to us also attach a copy of your ID or passport

Kindly check your application permissions and if audios are allowed , you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

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